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The approach taken by Nelson Wilians & Advogados Associados is to exclude the company from the obligation to collect outstanding debts from their clients, cutting out interpersonal attrition and, furthermore, providing better results, bearing in mind the firm’s expertise in the matter.

The Debt Collection section stands out due to its specialized service by creating the best strategy for our clients, respecting the specificity of each case, always prioritizing the effective and speedy recovery of debts for the company; ensuring that each phase of collection is done in a secure, strictly ethical form that complies with legal precepts.


In the administrative sphere, besides boasting the best tools on the market for locating people, sanitizing data and credit scoring, NWADV has a collection system interlinked with their legal area, telephone system, 0800, IVR, recorded calls, reports on performance and actions, issuance and delivery of bank payment slips via BOT and the latest market tools for locating assets.


Before the applicable lawsuit is assigned, the work involved in locating assets has been the cornerstone for the excellent results obtained by the firm in recent years. Advanced searches, which eschew the obvious, drive the process forward and often invite the debtor to reach an agreement thereby resolving the case.

Atypical coercive measures, when applied in a specific manner to concrete cases, tend to produce very positive effects in the formalization of agreements, and have been employed with excellent results.

The team works on portfolios involving commercial collection, real estate (consolidation and foreclosure), vehicles and claims for substantial amounts, considered to be strategic.

More than collecting the debt and achieving a financial return for our clients, NWADV invests in bringing the parties closer, listening to them and finding the best solution. In this manner, instead of simply carrying out the collection, we seek a swift and effective negotiation geared towards the business reality of the client.

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