Government Relations Print

The aim is to help clients manage their lawsuits and defend their interests before the Federal Executive and Legislative Branches.

We actively support the Public Policy and Corporate Affairs departments of companies with our own resources and/or content partners (e.g: communication agencies and economic consultancies.

Value proposal: multidisciplinary legal approach.

The provision of legal services allied with our expertise in risks to reputation can be an interesting integration asset between government relations/public relations and business strategy.

Levels of representation

Level 1 – Preparation of schedule, database and report on activities:

  • Research on the client sector situation in Legislative, Executive areas and regulating bodies;
  • Analysis of the Federal Register – DOU, orders of the day and agenda of Legislator to identify matters of interest to the client;
  • Weekly report on activities and case updates.

Level 2 – Strategic planning

  • Communication channel with the relevant body, scheduling of meetings, public hearings, white papers, analyses for the client;
  • Insertion or removal of amendments, obstructions to the agenda, and legislative strategies to achieve the desired goal.

Level 3 – Post-lawsuit

  • Technical study on the legality and impacts of the legal provisions in force.
  • Provisional remedies that the client should take to avoid future lawsuits.
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