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Brazil is still the country with the highest number of labor lawsuits in the world. The laws that govern Labor Law are broad, which means companies and business people need to be constantly up to speed on the most modern interpretations of the courts on a national level.

Nelson Wilians & Advogados Associados provides assistance to companies in the area of labor law, both in litigation and in an advisory/preventive capacity, ensuring the correct application of individual and collective labor legislation.

Due to the firm’s multidisciplinary approach, our work is marked by its integration with other areas of law, such as civil, taxation and corporate, led by our highly-qualified staff who are prepared to provide all types of legal assistance in a personalized manner.

The development of a procedural strategy customized by the Labor Litigation Team for each case is a feature that brings significant and positive benefits to clients, notably because it allows for the identification of focal points that contribute to and increase the company’s labor liability.

Similarly, we work along with companies in a preventive capacity, promoting many benefits such as a reduction in the cost of labor enforcements, adjustment and compliance in the labor/business structure for employees.

Labor Litigation

  • Individual claims;
  • Class actions and public-interest civil actions brought by unions and the Labor Prosecution Office (MPT);
  • Administrative proceedings resulting from Labor Prosecution Office and Ministry of Labor and Employment inspections;
  • Personalized monitoring of all Courts;
  • Drafting of management reports with procedural data and statistics for follow-up, evaluation and management of labor litigation;

Labor consultancy

  • Preparation of labor opinions;
  • Consultancy in the drafting of labor agreements, collective-bargaining agreement, internal policies, among others;
  • Advice on collective bargaining;
  • Holding of workshops and training on the labor theme;
  • Evaluation of labor liabilities;
  • Performance of legal auditing in order to support processes involving mergers and acquisitions, and internal restructuring.
  • Preparation of ROA – Risk and Opportunity Analysis report in which it is possible to carry out a diagnostic of legal procedures and documents relating to HR processes, Labor Relations and Personnel Department, demonstrating the stage the company is at regarding current Health and Safety at Work legislation, indicating the control measures that should be adopted to improve the working conditions on offer and in proper compliance with legal requirements.
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Belo Horizonte / MG
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Rio Branco / AC