Strategic Litigation Print

Our team is qualified to advise our clients on issues related to existing or potential conflicts, in the most diverse fields of business activity in a quick and effective way, in order to achieve the best possible result for the interests of its clients in all phases of the project. litigation.

The firm acts with solid experience in representing clients in the administrative and judicial spheres, as well as in arbitration proceedings conducted before the most respected Brazilian and international arbitration institutions.

In addition, we assist our clients in defining strategies for resolving disputes, whether in the judicial sphere or in extrajudicial negotiations, including among our activities:

  • Analysis of commercial relations aiming at conflict prevention and / or resolution;
  • Expertise in administrative, judicial, arbitration and mediation procedures on a wide range of topics, especially related to contracts, damage repair, banking law and corporate conflicts;
  • Homologation and execution of foreign judgments in Brazil, as well as citations and instructions of foreign jurisdictional acts;
  • Legal audits (due diligence) through analysis of existing lawsuits and potential contingencies, as well as analysis of procedures and strategies adopted in judicial processes with risk assessment and quantification;
  • Pre-procedural action in the litigation, aiming at the prevention of lawsuits and the resolution of disputes through alternative dispute resolution; and
  • Assistance in the celebration of new business and preparation of contractual instruments aimed at protecting the interests of clients and enhancing their position in eventual litigation.

The cases are followed up at all stages directly by the responsible partner, generating efficiency, creative and innovative solutions, as well as results in line with customer expectations. For that, we can highlight some market differentials of NWADV, as follows:

  • Performance with a multidisciplinary vision.
  • Lawyers with high technical capacity.
    Strategic cases and all levels of complexity.
  • Diligent and artisanal performance in each case.
  • Individualized teams for each client.
  • Monitoring the implementation of the guidelines presented to the client.
  • Branches in all Brazilian states and the Federal District, with representation in all Brazilian counties.
  • Founding member of ALL (Aliança Legal Latino Americana), which allows us to operate, through partner offices, in several countries in Latin America.
  • Monitoring and control of processes in a 100% systemic way, through cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence programs.
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São Paulo / SP