Tertiary Sector Print

Fulfilling its social function, Nelson Wilians & Advogados Associados founded the Nelson Wilians Institute which is active all over Brazil, focusing on social empowerment as condition for overcoming inequality.

As the largest corporate law firm in Brazil, NWADV boasts the infrastructure and technical quality to provide services to non-profit entities, for example:

Consultancy in the drafting, revision and alteration of the entity’s Charter and Internal Regulations; revision of the Minutes from ordinary and extraordinary meetings of the Board of Directors and Finance Committee, for the purpose of attributing legality to the acts practiced through analysis, interpretation and implementation of legislation applied to the Tertiary Sector; issue opinions to auditing bodies and provide administrative and legal counsel in decision-making such as in contracts with public and private entities.

NWADV is a pioneer in work recognizing the right to tax immunity as per article 150, VI “c” of the Brazilian Constitution, waiving the need for any certificate (e.g.: CEBAS) as condition to claim this constitutional benefit, which enables the suspension of Federal taxes (Employer INSS, PIS on payroll, SAT/RAT, COFINS), State taxes (ITCMD, IPVA,ICMS) and Municipal taxes (IPTU, ISS) on assets/property of the entity that provides services in the area of social assistance, education and health.

As the largest law firm in Brazil, NWADV can provide consultancy in fund-raising through client companies and partnerships at national level.